Our biggest retention asset is location. We are roughly 35-45 minutes South of Bend and we are the largest employer in our community. That being said our compensation and benefits package is very employee friendly. Perhaps the biggest asset is our staff. Leadership is transparent and communication is open. I recently started an employee engagement group to have more input from those not in every meeting. Workforce data is more to stay on top of what is going right and to identify trends like you mentioned earlier, that provider that may be coming to an end of obligation for loan repayment or scholarship requirements, what will keep them or replace them. What is working and what is not. Trends are what I look at and annual statistics so I am prepared. Such trends as “moving months” during the summer when school is out so parents feel less guilty about relocating. We just completed our Employee Opinion Survey with 84% participation. Our overall scores have gone up in comparison. I conducted a stay interview in December and plan another in July. I walk the floor four to six times a day talking with employees. Involvement with all employees I think is key to retention. I would really like to review our Data Profile to better understand where we are as a company,

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