1. Which data point seems trickiest to collect and analyze?
Since we have a very small staff, 3 midlevel providers and 3 medical assistants, most of the data is tricky since only 1 turnover has a huge impact on the numbers, but I am shifting gears to analyze number of visits, shift vs after hours, also breaking down the after hour visits by case difficulty, amount of time spent at night vs recovery time.

2. What strategies is your team going to implement to incorporate this data effort into your retention planning?
Unfortunately, call during the tourist season has been and will continue to be a major stressor on both providers and medical support staff that is not going to go away since we continue to increase by at least 25% annually for the last several years. I am hoping to continue to look for ways to decrease the stress as well as present a clearer picture of what the demands of the job are.

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