1. Which data point seems trickiest to collect and analyze?

Currently the metrics that we collect and analyze for retention and recruitment are varied depending on the position. Exempt and nonexempt position are not treated as the same. Nonexempt employees tend to live more local to each clinic so the local area and economy is a factor. We utilize the annual pay scale as published by NWRPCA as well as metrics from the Economic Research Institute to determine wages. A look into employee surveys and discussions, one on one and Employee Engagement, to determine best practices of what employees are seeking. No two employees want exactly the same thing and employees grow in the company their priorities change over time.
Exempt employees are primarily long term driven so local competition as well as near large metropolitan area competition needs to be paid attention to. Development and career driven topics are the most important for this group. Rewards are not the most important but when in discussion it could be brought up.
The most important data point is performance. When am employees performance starts to drop a mitigating circumstance tends to have arose. Either they are actively looking for other employment, have been approached by a recruiter, or have a personal issue with current staffing at the center.

2. What strategies is your team going to implement to incorporate this data effort into your retention planning?

That is the tricky part, implementing the data. We are currently 99% staffed and hire only one a month out of 65 FTE. Due to all the variance between exempt and non exempt it is a challenge. Retention is really an individual focused effort.

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