Thanks Allison,
I have not used the workforce data yet, but am interested is looking at it. I feel like I know the retention issues, number one being the call required and the complexities of the cases we see, 2 is the amount we can pay in comparison to the market place, here I am a victim of my own making. I advocated long and hard for competitive salaries when I was at NSHC, they took my advise finally and the other health corporations have for the most done the same, here in Skagway we cannot come close. We have done very well with benefits, but not every provider focuses on that, unless they have a family, so still trying to innovate in this area. I do try very hard to communicate regularly with staff collectively and individually on a regular basis, and have a pretty good feel for where everyone is at. The area of recruitment is an area to focus on and perhaps data can help here. Providers are generally quick to say they are fine in an environment like ours, but for those who have come and not worked out, typically I hear ” you were serious, I didn’t think it would be this intense”. So there are some initial thoughts, I will do some more thinking on it.
Thanks, Chris

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