1) What is your organization currently doing, planning to do, or needing, to train staff on Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) data?
Locating information, training opportunities and offering any assistance to the HC’s for SDoH
2) Let’s assume that you’ve successfully implemented standardized data collection systems for SDoH and Enabling Services interventions. What challenges do you perceive in using that data to achieve value-based payment reform, and who are the best staff persons (operations, policy, etc.) in your organization to advocate for that kind of change? How to incorporate it in daily processes where it becomes a habit for staff.
3) What is your city, county, or state currently doing, planning to do, or needing, to implement value-based payment reform?
In Arkansas at the CHCA, we are looking for more educational opportunities and on what they can do with this information. How it can help them improve the health of their patients. Hopefully we can add site visits as well.

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