Q1) How did you decide on the workforce needed to address SDoH?
For La Clinica it was a decision based on what staff and department both had capacity to additional work of collecting and cataloging SDoH data from patients and what staff had existing training do collect SDoH information from patients in a culturally competent manner. This led to our Community Health Education (CHE) department staff to take this on. Within our organization geographically, this has been dictated also by funding constraints. We have been fortunate to receive grants that have required specific SDoH data collection in certain service areas. This has focused our SDoH collection work at certain sites only at this point. Similar to many other responders though, a lot of care team staff collect bits of SDoH information from patients at various points, be it registration when we collect financial and insurance information or regular visits as part of medical, substance abuse, and behavioral health screens.

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