> OPTION A: Take a snapshot of your current workflow and make note of what changes your organization can you make that are feasible to advance your SDoH and ES initiatives? If no workflow exists, refer to sample workflows in the PRAPARE Toolkit: http://www.nachc.org/research-and-data/prapare/toolkit/chapter-5-develop-workflow-models-april-2018/. Choose a workflow of your choice, then modify it to fit your organization’s needs and be sure to cite any sources. Feel free to post your workflow ideas, screenshots, or files here for others to see and comment on!

> OPTION B: Pull a job description of a patient navigator, community health worker, care coordinator. See how you can modify that job description to advance your SDoH and enabling service initiatives? If no job description exists, sketch out an ideal position with a title and some responsibilities and duties of this position.

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