1) How did you decide on the workforce needed to address SDoH?
We are still working to develop a way to decide on who to recruit. While we have a general understanding of what staff may be needed to ensure that we meet patient needs, we are still gathering data on the amount of work and number of staff needed.
2) Do you have specific question(s) or a skill test to screen applicants? If so, provide an example of a question used.
For all positions, our HR department conducts a phone screening to ensure that applicants meet basic job requirements. Each department manager/director has their own set of questions that they ask prospective applicants. When I hire community resource staff, I always ask about their basic knowledge of resources and to provide concrete examples of times that they have connected patients to resources and discuss any barriers they had to overcome in the process.
3) What are the pros and cons for recruiting by word and mouth or people you/staff know?
I think in more rural areas, like at Wood River Health Services, word of mouth is beneficial because many people from other areas of the state are not willing to commute to our location. Word of mouth in our area helps to connect with people in the local community who are also well versed in the resources and challenges of a rural community health center. A con to this could be that not all applicants may meet the job requirements and their could be confusion around the role based on what people are stating about the position.

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