1) How did you decide on the workforce needed to address SDoH?
-To address the SDoH, the TAPM BHC team had decided to hire a BH Care Coordinator. Their role is to assist clients in getting connected to the appropriate resources and to follow up on their progress and well-being.
2) Do you have specific question(s) or a skill test to screen applicants? If so, provide an example of a question used.
– An appropriate question would be how well they are able to network with others and agencies. Often, referrals are made outside of the agency. By having rapport with agencies, it could ensure a more seamless process for the clients.
3) What are the pros and cons for recruiting by word and mouth or people you/staff know?
-Pros: The staff may know whether someone is right for the job and the culture. They would know, or have a general idea, of the person’s skill set and work ethic
-Cons: It could potentially hinder diversity. Instead of the job being open to the public where people from different areas of expertise and backgrounds could have a chance to enhance the company/service, it could be limited to people that are familiar to one another. It could also introduce clique dynamics which could result in unnecessary drama.

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