1. How did you decide on the workforce needed to address SDoH?
BMS has been addressing SDOH needs for the community through discrete programming throughout the organization. However, we are now in the process of determining what that the workforce would look like. Through this LC2 we hope to gain more clarify on what this workforce would look like.
2) Do you have specific question(s) or a skill test to screen applicants? If so, provide an example of a question used.
Currently for our Patient Navigator, Case Manager, Health Homes or Social Worker positions we provide case studies and scenarios and have candidates answer how they would address these situations accordingly. We also have SDOH codes that we utilize with Health Homes (see attached).
3) What are the pros and cons for recruiting by word and mouth or people you/staff know?
Pros: Being able to recruit candidates who are equipped to work in the communities that BMS serves in. Also being familiar with candidates’ work from prior work experiences and being knowledgeable about their potential and transition into the organization.
Con: Has not yield many high performing candidates, conflict of interest and difficult for people to manage with personal connection.

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