I’ve been doing credentialing for our CHC for more than 10 years and in that the time we’ve been surveyed by HRSA 3 times (most recent in August ’17) and all 3 times we passed the requirements. I’ve had to incorporate provider recruitment more than 7 years ago and while it’s been challenging as it has been busy in the recruiting world and then that turns into busy times for credentialing, it has also allowed me to more present in both departments for provider candidates to navigate through our system as painlessly as possible. Also helps in selecting quality candidates to reduce turnover. I think I’ve nailed credentialing, but recruitment is ever-evolving and definitely that is my challenge to be more and do more and in many cases with less resources. Most of the time, I am a 1-woman band with these 2 departments and definitely feel isolated, so I’m happy to have a network to go to for questions and to help other like-minded individuals.

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